For Most sports and commercial fishermen and women, it is always better to be able to catch their own fish to eat. Particularly if sports fishing, since with this sport, there is less of a likelihood of catching your favourite seafood. So, on the occasion where they return empty handed from a day or night hard fishing, where are they to get their hands on some sustainably caught fish? There are fewer and fewer inland fishmongers here in the UK, in fact with many towns and cities, the only place to go and get fresh fish & seafood is by shopping at one of the major supermarkets. Living by the sea, particularly if living near a fishing port, buying sustainably caught fish will be a lot easier, since there are usually a number of good fishmongers selling the freshest and latest catch of the day.

fresh fish onlineSo, all is well for those lucky enough to live near a fishing harbour, but what about the majority of people who don’t? Is there a way of buying fresh fish, that has been caught sustainably? The answer is yes, and it can all be done over the internet. For the last few years, fishmongers and seafood merchants have been selling their wares online, in fact, year on year more of these online fishmongers are appearing on the internet. One of which is selling fresh fish and seafood A O Seafood has been online for 3 years and in that time has increased its range of fish to include, smoked fish and also frozen fish such as red snapper. On each of the product pages is detailed info on where each particular fish has been caught, if it’s in season and the sustainability of it. The fish itself is caught usually the night before and landed early morning at the ports. The fish is then transported to the nearest fish and seafood market to be bid upon but wholesalers. Since AO Seafood and on-line fish merchants like these are also wholesalers they are equipped to buy daily¬† for the orders that have come in the day and evening before through their businesses. By doing this they ensure that the freshest fish and seafood that has only just been landed is bought for their customers. Delivery is either same day or next day in sealed insulated containers or by refrigerated vans.

When buying fish from any of the supermarkets, there is always a risk of getting week old or older fish. Although this is not harmful to eat, it cannot be compared to one or two-day-old fish. This is where the online fishmongers are winning out over their rivals n the high street. They can as good as guarantee that the fish they sell is the freshest available, unless you catch your own. All in all, if you haven’t yet tried to buy your fresh fish online, then give it a go, and I am in no doubt, it wont be your last purchase of seafood online.